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pretty baby ruth

i was able to meet my friend merteuil at the msu 4h children's gardens. i hadn't seen her, her husband and beautiful daughter for just about a year; it was a delight to see ruth so big, active and happy. you couldn't have asked for a nicer indian summer afternoon; sunny, temperature around 78. sarah and i have spent many lovely afternoons in those gardens and it was just too cool to come full circle. i only wish evie could have come along, but i suppose the days of me picking her up whenever i felt the urge are gone. darn state laws telling me my kid has to go to school. ;)

isn't she a beautiful little girl?

love those chubby arms babies have right before the slimming down that comes with walking. and how everything needs to be looked at, touched, and tasted.

peek a boo! (look at those teeny fingers!)

i thought she *liked* goldfish???

friends only

because i post a lot about my daughter and other personal things, that could possibly show random, possibly creepy, strangers where we live, i have decided to turn my journal primarily friends only. leave me a message if you want to be my friend and we'll talk. =)

this one's mostly for groovcat

i placed an order off scrapbook.com and i got GLIMMER MIST and THREE TYPES OF QUEEN & CO FELT RIBBON.
i was thinking of you!
the funny thing is that somehow i managed to add one of the ribbons to my cart three times and didn't realize until after i'd paid that i ordered 3 of that one type! =) so i really hope i really like it! i can't wait, i have some fun stuff coming soon. angry_amy's kit is paid for (sooo excited!) and my sb.com order; black vine, cream scrolls, and white scrolls in the felt ribbon, glimmer mist in a clear-ish gold shimmer, three types of the new lace cs and a bunch of stuff for my swaps! =)

Apr. 1st, 2008

i love hell's kitchen so very much! i can't believe it's over already, i want MORE!

man. so good.

this one's for Sarah...


I can't remember enough of my html to code this properly (I'm going to have to find my good 'ole html dictionary...ha, I did it!)

Anywho, I remember merteuil wondering why she couldn't find dragees anymore, and I discovered the above link telling why. My, my, I have to say that I'm not surprised to find that the reason is litigious....



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